Lass & Laddie
clothing, accessories & gifts for children and baby
Downtown Kirkwood
161 W Jefferson
Modern * Vintage * Handmade





bobinette * barley + birch *  chapter one * tomat * nosilla * speesees * pedoodles * dress me up * petite meitte*  havins originals mini rotation captain monkey *  peace of cake besty + millie * mudpuppy farmer kids * liliputians-nyc * annie roonie kids * hopscotch * oots * pixel * palmer cash * plain mary dragon tail baby bungalow bebe * rock n roll babies * baby bean vintage * poppylarity * rowdy sprout lots to say baby smitherman + barnwell * vintage lucys * isa booties * french craft flirt couture kice kice * me me * art and soul * kota couture * cute pa tutus * polka dot frogs * snobby babies * scandeez * zoocchini * rainshine * field day wearables * very cozy baby * flour clothing * ruffled * miss wroe * soapylove * figgys * miss sugar pops * simon says * potato saks mette * layette * sustainable kids * obaby * wubbanub * classics redone * bellaserababy * alternative apparel coco bonbons a little lark * pinecone + chickadee * seedling kids ribbon chix entertaining elephants * babybam * goldilocks barettes * lemon ball * emmy + ivy * rovearounds * little cupcake company * blossom and sunny * cake and beans * zamian * girl charlee * south city slings and many more... * Lass & Laddie ~ the first brick and mortar retailer in St. Louis or Missouri for these brands/individuals, that at one time or present, have been part of the boutique.

Marilyn is the buyer, owner and operator of Lass & Laddie.  Kirkwood has a tradition of many great boutiques, restaurants and attractions.  She has great memories of Kirkwood growing up and all it offers, special shops and spots past and current, that she now shares with her family.  After years of looking, when the opportunity arose to create a retail space in an historic building so close to where she still lives, it couldn't be passed up.  In 2007, the shop would offer an option not currently available as a complete boutique in the Downtown Kirkwood Business District.  Although the shop concept has evolved due to changes in the children's apparel industry, the hope was to collect 'wearable art' for children, a clothing gallery of sorts.  When a piece of clothing is then selected by your child, they would have something distinct and special that reflects their personality.  MIssouri has been well represented at the boutique, up to thirty women or brands, including the owner and members of her family.  The choice to have individuals that are from across the US, gave the boutique a similiar flavor that one sourcing brands from LA or NY would have, but instead recognized the best work of a mom or woman that had sewed all of her life.  In addition, the shop design is to provide many labels or individuals comprised in one collection, that when mixed or matched, creates a new style all of its' own.

The repeated comment from customers or those just stopping in, "I wish that was in my size."  Marilyn's aesthetic is her taste in prints and non-traditional colors but in children's sizes and styles of clothing.  Her preferred choice of fabric is vintage even if the style or print is modern.  It's a beautiful way to recycle and repurpose.  When buying for the boutique, the owner keeps in mind what a customer identifies with in a chlidren's or baby boutique, what they would pay for quality, while always looking for value options.  Providing more eco-friendly labels is another focus of the boutique, but making those choices fun and colorful is as, if not more, important.  Prior to this venture, the owner worked in the hospitality industry for almost a decade bringing groups and conventions to the St. Louis metro area.  Some fun facts, the owner was the first student teacher at Kirkwood High School and her husband, an architect, designed Backyard Magic for the Magic House.  When visiting St. Louis, make some time to visit the Downtown Kirkwood Historic Shopping District, hope to see you soon!